WOD 03.29.16

Overhead squat 5×10 empty bar (no clock)   Squat 8 min build to working weight 2 min clock 3×5   Deadlift *tap and go/ unbroken 5 min build to working weight 2 min clock 3×10   Bulgarian split squat HEAVY 2 min clock 3×10 (each leg)   Remaining time HSPU technique Work on scaled and comfort being inverted *feet or… Read more →

WOD 03.24.16

Thursday 03/24   Coach led Mobility 30 minutes   Accessory Strength Good mornings   5 sets x 5 reps On a 2 min clock.   From the rack, start at empty bar and build up across working sets.   Small increments and do not max out.   Accessory   4 rounds not for time   8 kb windmills (4 per arm)… Read more →

WOD 03.23.16

Wednesday 03/23 A.Metcon   AMRAP 9   8 sumo deadlift high pull 75/55 11 sit ups 22 lunges   Immediately into   B.Thruster Complex CAP 5   *Athlete will have 5 min to complete a 1RM of the following complex.   complex= 1 hang clean + 1 Thruster   C.Strength Front Squat 16 mins to complete 6 sets x 5… Read more →

WOD 03.22.16

Tuesday 03/22   Push Press Complex   6 sets x 1 complex= 2 push press + 1 push jerk   On a 1:30-2min clock.   Start at 50% of your push press 1RM, build weight across working sets.  If you reach failure reduce 5-15 lbs and complete reaming sets.   Metcon   With a partner complete the following, only one… Read more →

WOD 03.08.16

Open WOD 16.4 RX’d Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of: 55 deadlifts 55 wall-ball shots 55-calorie row 55 handstand push-ups Men deadlift 225 lb. and throw 20-lb. ball to 10-ft. target Women deadlift 155 lb. and throw 14-lb. ball to 9-ft. target Scaled Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes… Read more →

WOD 03.17.16

Thursday 03/17   Active recovery and light skill day   Coach led mobility 15 minutes   Specific warm up   Skill Review: Split Jerk 8 minutes to go over split jerk.   Then   From rack 3 sets x 2 split jerks + 2 Strict press from split jerk position On a 2 min clock Start and stay between 50%-60%… Read more →

WOD 03.16.16

Wednesday 03/16   3 position Power Clean Complex   6 sets x 1 complex   1 complex = 1 x high hang power clean (hip pocket), 1x mid hang power clean (just above the knee) and 1x Power clean.   On a 2-3 min clock, work up to 1 heavy complex.  Start at 50% of Power Clean 1RM.   *The… Read more →